The MidLife Adventuress

Seeking Breathless Wonder in the World


Hello, Bonjour, Aloha, Ciao, Hola!

…To a new chapter of my life.

“…What is it you plan to do with your one wild & precious life”?

This is the question asked by Mary Oliver that runs thru my head …over and over and over again.

– what is next???

& finally my answer…

Instead of a Midlife Crisis I choose to have a

Midlife Adventure.

What I know is that I feel most alive when I am in front of wonders that take my breath away.

It is one thing to say it, but it’s another to believe it…to live it.

This blog will be my inspiration for believing I can have that one wild & exciting life that brings me joy.

To live a life searching breathless wonders in this world.

 So a travel blog is born- sharing wonders of the world.

Stories of my travels,

Ideas of where to travel,

Tips on how to travel

and a left turn every now and then when the inspiration strikes.

 I invite you to come  along, and maybe, just maybe you too will be inspired  to go out, live life…the life that fills YOU with light and wonder.

Paris December 2013 675

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