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Time Spent in Orvieto was *** Outstanding***

December 27th, 2015

Orvieto was the perfect choice for us to spend a few days in to get acclimated.

– a place of transition from normal life.

-a perfect town to adjust to living at a slower speed


We began each day with coffee-

The first day at Blue Bar Café.

Via Garibaldi, 23

Still a little ding-y from time travel I ask for a Marocchino.



The woman behind the bar looks at me in total non-comprehension.

I look back at her stunned.


I had studied this

what to order,

the order of ordering.

But no,

  I didn’t get it right.

The Italian man standing next to me,

amused by my attempt,

 ordered for me

then turned to me 

& said,

Starbucks has not come to Orvieto


We laugh.


I swear this is what I ordered last time I was in Italy!







-a brand new world is so challenging yet exciting to experience.

Even if I don’t get my normal coffee drink,

I did get a coffee drink and pastry and

I was sitting at a coffee bar in Orvieto,

All was good…






But I am reminded how good does not compare to great

when we had our breakfast

the next few mornings at Sabrina’s home.

Sabrina is one of those people who you instantly love.

She is comfortable in her own skin and makes you feel like you have been friends forever.




Mama Mia


She is an Italian knockout

~in personality, looks and cuisine~

Her home is as comfortable as she is,

and the breakfast she prepared for us was great.


One morning a frittata

with the deliciousness of local vegetables

sprinkled with the taste of olive oil.


Another morning-farm fresh eggs-easy over.




Oh, and there was that potato puff thing-y,

that was melt in your mouth delicious too.

The table also held pastries, yogurts, fruit, cerals & juices.



All this came out of her kitchen

 her domain

no entry per favore


The cappuccinos flowed,

The conversation was easy.


We talked about Italy,

 about Orvieto,

& the change in how her children are growing up now compared to how she did.

We talked about household tips and her B&B story,

And where to go in Orvieto

and beyond.


She made us laugh with her family stories,

while we ate her fabulous food laid out on a big dining table in her living room.

Every second spent in her company was enjoyable.


But time was passing




& things were awaiting us

so it was necessary that we tore ourselves away to go explore.


While in Orvieto we visited the Duomo,



admiring the stonework and tried to read the paintings,

cause if you want to understand the culture-

~Look at the Art~

We ate bonbons

-the joy of picking them by their colorful wrappings almost as good as the eating-

We wandered the streets,

  We sat down,

and as the wine & water flowed

 hear stories of a long ago Grandfather who brought water to his Italian village,

and the Grandmother who brought to America the food of her country

to keep some of her homeland present within  

while passing the flavors of Italy on

to the next generation of U.S. born.

We made friends with the cats at sunset

And we watched the locals.




One evening a lady catches my attention.

She was absolutely theatrical in her being,

from the yellow fur wrap against her red hair,

down to her blossoming skirt, 

which lead my eye to her killer black high heels

-sparking a bit of shoe envy in me.


I capture her picture and on the way back to the apartment I think about her.

I think I know who she is.

I Google her, and yes it was her

~Marlena De Blasi~

The American woman who finds love with a Venetian, moves to Italy, finds a new life & writes about it.

A Thousand days in Venice & A Thousand days in Tuscany are two of her books that I have read.

I fall in love with Orvieto.

But my favorite day and my new love,

was about an hour bus ride away from Orvieto.

in  Civita di Bagnoregio.

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