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Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right

November 15th, 2015


A few months ago, before my travels to Italy,

I read War in Val’d Orcia-An Italian War Diary,

a first hand account of World War II in Tuscany

by Iris Origo.

When I finished the book my constant thought was,

 Two wrongs don’t make a right.

 I feel the same way today.



One day after the horrendous acts of violence

in Paris.


 A place of beauty that is embedded in my soul.


The horrible acts of trespass

against innocent people

 occurred one day after my returning home safe from Europe.

For me, it would be wrong to abandon her now-


To abandon future travel

to France,

to Europe,

to anywhere in the world

 would be wrong.



Don’t put myself in jeopardy.

That is what my gut tells me,

part of my core beliefs:

Pay attention to my surroundings,

Stay away from ALL hot spots,


Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right.




I will be back to Paris,

as soon as

I can restore my coffers,

I will be back.

My hope

is that the actions of a few

will not bind our freedom

to be

who we were meant to be.


“I refuse to accept the view

that mankind is so tragically bound

to the starless midnight


racism and war

 that the bright daybreak


peace and brotherhood

can never become a reality

…I believe

that unarmed

truth and unconditional love

will have

the final word”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

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