The MidLife Adventuress

Seeking Breathless Wonder in the World

A Walk in Tuscany, New places to discover, And a Lifetime of Memories

November 29th, 2015


It starts with a spark,

The spark becomes a dream.

Then with focus and a little

serendipity the dream becomes reality.



I know this cocktail,

it’s one that  gives me

a life well lived

 ~standing in front of breathless wonders~



This spark comes

on an ordinary day while eating,

mindlessly thumbing thru

a Budget Travel magazine,

my eyes rest upon

Two sisters, their Mother

walking the white ribbon roads

of Tuscany.

No cars, traveling only by feet

with plenty of nature


at the end of each day

good food, drink and cheer.



That instant, sitting at my table,

 began the foaming up of a dream


the questions that would not lie still began.

Could I do this?

Could I find someone to do it with?



How can I NOT do this?






How can I not say yes to standing in front of breathless wonder?


So an adventure is made up.

The planning nearly as fun and much longer than the journey.


Eventually this adventure becomes;

Myself and  2 companions

would fly to Rome,

immediately take a train to

Orvieto for 3 nights to get over jet lag.

Train to Siena for an overnight  before we

 begin the walking tour for 8 days,



Then on to new discoveries;

Florence for 5 days,

  4 days in Switzerland to visit

hometown friend who lives there now;


 finishing with a quick layover in London,

with just enough time to get a taste of the city.

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