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~The Fusion Adventure-3 Generations-3 States-Plenty of Good Times~

September 1st, 2015

Clark: Why aren’t we flying?

Because getting there is half the fun. You know that.”

National Lapoon’s Vacation


A summer road trip that you dream about-12 days discover new sights –

12 days of reconnection with family and friends…old and new, young and old…

12 days of memories to last a life time.

photo (9)

First stop, San Francisco-time to revisit  this fabulous city

and dinner with family

(tip, if while waiting in an hour line a guy comes up to you and offers to take you up to Union Square from Ghiradelli Square in his limo for the same price as the cable car…don’t hesitate-say yes,  then take the cable car down from Union Square to the wharf…way shorter wait times)



We stayed in Alameda

–a lovely town I discovered in December and we all agree is  an easy ferry or bart ride ride away from the busy city which makes Alameda a calm place to stay for future trips.

A short 20 minute ride and you are at


The Ferry Building-the customs house back in the day –

that  has been converted into boutique food fantasy shops & restaurants where artisan goodies abound.

We indulge in Oysters from the 1st place we see 

and feed our souls at Book Passages.


When asked…”did I find anything interesting?

The answer…”yes, my grand niece”-turns out she shares my love of books, past down to me from my father-her great grandfather-

 I am thrilled to discover she got it too.

The years that separate us disappear…

As if is not two people 45 years apart in age with nothing to talk about, but two people whose common passion for books sparks precious conversations

in the back seat  as the miles fly by with the sharing of her world and mine

-from Dr Who to  our mutual  love of Van Gogh-


with my 9 year old grand nephew

– a child of the 21st century – 

who although had his eyes seemingly focused on his video game was absorbing all we had to say as he sat in the middle between us.


Next stop the  Redwoods,  Arcata


Moonstone Beach




 where we surround our selves in the magnificence of the redwoods

and  feel Jeff’s energy as he guides us thru our day in his town.



Then onto So Oregon to stay with a long time friend and next  up to Portland to stay with a niece,  and   meet  up with more family & friends.

-1st time in Oregon for me and I will definitely be back-

Luv Oregon!


Practically out my niece’s front door awaiting our enjoyment…

~Portland a beautiful city surrounded by nature~IMG_3816

An early morning walk to pick black berries


…which gets turned into a cobbler before we leave for–

Fun at the Horsetails Falls, Columbia River, Oregon.



Yes, I could do the hike, but why was I not in the water?

I could tell my self it was because there wasn’t a place to change into my bathing suit

-or was it something more?

Was it the changing of the guards?IMG_3784

What they don’t know now,

which I didn’t know then either,

is how fast young goes.

While hiking i listened to my niece’s tales of her adventures to Yosemite  &  of hiking in Palm Springs and making the 10 hour hike coming off the mountain with just enough energy to spare,

I am recognizing this is the real reason I was not in the water…


I did not have the energy for the transition from land to freezing mountain water.


IMG_4072 (2)

But I  DO still have the Energy to have a dance party in my niece’s kitchen,

as my loved ones are gathered around the table-some joining in the  dancing, some watching, some singing, while others are bonding with a new friend over the learning of a song on a table top keyboard.


 Energy enough to

 take a train ride 4 hours north to Seattle for more fabulous days of  visiting another  BFF

and of course, to indulge in  the pleasures at Pike’s  Place Market 




Yummy- grilled cheddar cheese, tomato, basil sandwich – at Beecher’s


The Stunning  Chihuly glass art museum at the Seattle Center

Color, Light, Beauty beyond belief


…shared between older and younger,  topped off with a frappuccino in the outdoor café surrounded by the  blue Seattle sky and Glass art…


The blessings of this road trip were many…

And start with taking the time to smell the flowers…


…& recognizing times change …

but realizing you are never too old to have a good time, 

that life can still bring  delights to the  wide eyed child that resides inside you.


…and Connection with family is something you can’t buy

at giraldelli square

IMG_3667photo (10)



 & Happily finding a connection that has been dashed over the many years, but never broken.

Whether I’ve known them all of my life, or all of theirs,

or 44 years of friendship…

they are my family…

they are  my tribe….

and for this I give Thanks



At first I said no to this trip because of all  life’s  logistic reasons, but so glad I went for it.

From now on I will be taking a clue from the younger generation…

And remember what I used to know…


Forget what you think you shouldn’t do,

Go with what you feel,

Be open to the possibilities,

 Live in the moment,

and let go.



Just say Yes

~Trust in the Journey~



That’s when the magic happens…




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