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“If you do not see what is around you every day, what will you see when you go to Tangiers?” Freeman Patterson

November 25th, 2014

I spend my time planning grand voyages and forget to realize that someone, somewhere in this world would love to walk in my neighborhood-so while I dream of faraway places I also want to remember to discover what’s in my own backyard.
With this in mind I journeyed to Oahu- a short 45 minute plane ride away- for some art, food, relaxation and some sisterhood joy.


Straight from the airplane I took a taxi (which cost an arm and leg) to the Honolulu Museum of Art.

I was there to see the fabulous special exhibition of Art Deco Hawaii, including the murals painted by Eugene Savage which were used for the Matson Ship Lines menu covers in 1938.


Then on to the permanent collection of Hawaiian Art before wandering over to the outside coffee bar for an iced coffee while waiting to board the shuttle to Shangri La.


Shangri La is the magical estate of Doris Duke-a true adventuress and very rich gal.

To learn more about Doris & Shangri La check out this link


En route to an around the world voyage on her honeymoon in 1935 she stopped in Honolulu and feel in love again…this time not with a man but with the tropical beauty of Hawaii.
She opened her big-old money-wallet and bought 5 acres in the shadow of Diamond Head.


Doris & her hubby hanging with the legendary Kahanamoku brothers.


Freshly inspired by her journey to the Middle East and alls its wonders Doris returned to Hawaii and transformed her paradise to replicate what she had admired in the arts of India, Morocco, Iran & Syria.

Beyond the plain white walls you enter a different world, one filled with color and patterns that takes your breath away.


The treasures this house holds is incredible-a vast collection of art that one would need to travel across the world to see-and here it was in practically in my own backyard-a gift left for all of us to discover & enjoy from Doris.


The bedroom and dressing room has just been opened to the public-and can I tell you that it is-in one word- FABULOUS!


After a day of culture, the next days were spent watching my friend fencing, dinners with friends-old & new- a morning bike ride thru the neighborhoods of Diamond Head, and of course, a little shopping, a little beach time.


G-Force in action-my sister-friend and another Fabulous Gal!


We ended the weekend at the The Royal Hawaiian-A.K.A the Pink Palace- sitting watching the moon over the ocean having one of their fabulous mai-tais made with fresh pineapple & OJ


…and planning our next adventure


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