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~Another Fabulous Day in Paris~

September 16th, 2013

“The true traveler is she who goes on foot,

& even then,

she sits down a lot of the time”


After a day spent browsing the granddaddy of the flea markets

~Puces Saint-Ouen~

PARIS 2011 489We head back to the center of Paris in search of calm & a café table.     

      We cross the river Seine behind Notre Dame, at the corner of Isle St Louis.

With a view of the twilight sky turning her glorious colors…


While a street musician plays his violin on the next corner…

PARIS 2011 492

We order a hot chocolate~chocolat chaud a l’ Ancienne~

a specialty of the house,

  preforming tabletop alchemy

with a pitcher of warm milk,

a smaller pitcher of rich chocolat,

pouring the two together creating the right mixture

of wonderful.

i phone 117

Another FABULOUS day in Paris…

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